The New Sales Chief Of Nissan USA Changes Ad Campaign Approach


The latest news from Nissan is that they are looking at a new advertising strategy with the aim of acquiring a unique Brand Image for Nissan in the future. The new marketing campaign will be launched in May of this year. The advertising will start at the tier 2 dealer followed by a National Brand advertising campaign.

Could this new and ambitious marketing campaign, due in May, be the harbinger of brighter days ahead for Nissan in the American auto market? Christian Meunier, Nissan’s new head of sales in the U.S, certainly seems to think so. Immediately after being appointed head of sales in January, Meunier met with Nissan’s advertising agencies and made it very clear to them that he was very unhappy with the existing advertising strategy of Nissan.

He felt that despite the large amount of money spent on advertising, the brand image of Nissan was too vague in the American market. He asked the advertising agencies to devise a new strategy to establish a unique and a positive brand image for Nissan. After a few disagreements, the advertising agencies came up with a plan that satisfied Meunier.

Given the fact that Nissan has announced that it seeks to improve its share in the American Market from 7.4 percent to 10 percent, the news of Nissan’s fresh approach to marketing and building a unique brand image is very exciting. A successful brand image is purpose of every advertising campaign in the auto industry and the strategy to establish an excellent brand image is a long and a laborious one. Keep your eyes out as this new strategy takes effect.

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