Tech Features of the 370z Coupe

370Z Infotainment Cardinale Nissan

 The Nissan 370Z Roadster has a high technology toolkit up its sleeve. The iPod is integrated to the car. Simply plug the iPod to the USB input and then control the functions via the touch screen monitor or audio system. The digital screen displays the song readouts. Digital files can also be played from the USB flash drive or any other compatible device. You can also watch movies on an LCD screen while the car is parked.

Navigation through heavy traffic becomes much easier with the voice activated, touch screen proprietary Nissan Hard Drive Navigation System. The advanced NavTraffic displays real time and color coded traffic advisories to assist you so that you can stay clear of any gridlock.  The NavWeather service will advise you of any severe weather and any potentially slippery road conditions which could affect the drive. You will also be informed of any warnings provided by the National Weather Service. Three-day weather forecasts will also be provided.

The Hands-Free Phone System using Bluetooth technology connects with the phone. You can answer a call with any compatible mobile phone even if the device is buried deep within the recesses of a bag or a trunk. You just need to press the button on steering wheel if you want to dial friends or pick up any calls.  The Bose Audio System is customized for the unique interiors of the 370Z coupe. You can play MP3s or WMA CDs  and receive the SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Ready to buy a Nissan? Drive down to Cardinale Nissan at Del Monte Blvd in Seaside, California.




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