Performance Features of the 370z Coupe

Cardinale 370Z Coupe White1

 Driving the Nissan 370Z is a veritable experience. The car is a beast with refinement. It is a 332 horsepower and 3.7 liter V6. The engine has the Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) technology which continuously tunes the valve timing for a quicker response. Fuel efficiency is also optimized. The engineering not only looks good on paper, but gives an exhilaration like no other from zero to mind busting 7,500 rpm.

The 370Zs handling and brakes are excellent due to the vehicle’s low CG (center of gravity). When combined with a wide stance, the physics give it an enhanced cornering and ultra-responsive handling capabilities. The comparatively short wheelbase and the overall length provide the 370Z excellent maneuverability. You can swiftly stop the car thanks to its 14” front rotors combined with gripping power provided by the 4-piston led front calipers.

Smart engineering allows the car to harness the 332 horsepower engine. Company engineers have improved the material and design composites of all the important rotating components. The supplied 19 inch wheels made of RAYS forged alloy are lighter and stronger compared to typical cast wheels. The reduced rotating mass is lighter. The carbon-fiber composite driveshaft is extremely strong and the engine is revved up much more quickly.  The 370Z comes in both SynchroRev Match Manual Transmission and 7 speed Automatic Transmission. The latter provides a wide gearing range for a heart thumping acceleration while continuing to provide for quiet cruising and better efficiency at higher speeds. To buy a Nissan, drive down to Cardinale Nissan at Seaside, California.





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