Nissan’s Scratch Shield


Whether you are a gear head or not, a scratch on the car is one of the most distressing things you can see. Getting a scratch is one of the easiest things to do in a car. Just park and wait, someone will eventually scratch it. The sad part is that even vigorously cleaning your car can scratch it! How many times have you seen those circular marks on your car and wondered if what you’re doing is actually hurting it more than cleaning it?

Nissan has developed a type of scratch shield that will be seen in their cars in the near future, maybe even within this year. Called the Nissan Scratch Shield, it has been designed to specifically resist topical scratches; it is harder and keeps the car looking new, longer. It is a type of clear coat that sits atop the base paint. Apart from reducing the scratching, it effectively repairs those fine marks you can only see at a particular angle, like the cloth marks after a buffing. After a coat of the shield, your car will get 5 times less scratched, and even new scratches, the mild ones on the surface, is likely to disappear.

The clear coat will actively repair even deeper blemishes on the paint over time. It is said that over a few days, it can reduce the intensity of such scratches as well.

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