Nissan’s Quick Comfort Seat Heater


A cold seat is probably the worst thing that can happen to you, especially on a really long drive. The heating vents may be at full blast, but that has nothing on the cold outside, and if your back is feeling cold, you are going to feel tired and fatigue is just round the corner.

The Nissan Quick Comfort system has tackled this issue with the introduction of their Quick Comfort seat heater. The technology has been brought to production after a joint research conducted by Nissan with the Kyushu University. The results showed that the human body responds to heating in different ways in different parts of the body and that providing heat to the right spots can improve blood circulation, relaxing the driver and making them more alert and focused.

It works simply by having four heating regions embedded within the seat. When the system is activated, the heat is sent directly to the knee and posterior to begin with. It brings immediate comfort to the driver, and after the warmth has spread sufficiently, the pads then transfer the heating to the hips and thighs. The second stage is the stabilization stage and it will run in the long term, keeping the driver seated in an envelope of warmth. The method speeds up the process by which warmth is felt by 30%.

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