Nissan’s New Platform Developed Exclusively for EVs

 An EV exclusive platform has been developed by Nissan. The battery pack is thin and laminated. It sits under the floor and has a roomy cabin. The EV platform has a number of unique features. The vehicle has the maximum number of batteries possible. Due to the innate characteristics of thin and laminated Li-ion batteries, the vehicle is designed to secure the natural driving position and also a roomy rear seat at same time. The car also must have an adequate number of batteries.

The batteries are installed in center of chassis between the wheelbase. The body frame structure is characterized by intensity and high rigidity. It is achieved by the addition of inverter mounting members and also the battery mounting frame.

The battery mounting frame is characterized by improving the platform rigidity. The batteries are to be mounted on the platform and the frame is added on the battery pack itself. The inverter mounting members consists of center frame member positioned at the front. It joins both the right and the left frames. The inverter is then mounted on it. The arrangement results in an extremely efficient package. The rigidity of the platform is also improved.  The technologies related with this include e-Powertrain, Lithium ion battery for electric vehicles, thermal insulation roof and the heat pump cabin heater. Decided to buy a Nissan? Look no further.

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