Nissan’s Holistic Approach

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Cars today are at their efficient best. While they may not be the big, bad monsters they were just 30 years back, they are a lot safer and environmentally responsible now. Taking that same tone to a whole new level, Nissan is now looking at a future where car emissions itself are a thing of the past. The Holistic Approach, as it is known is looking at bringing vehicles that do not pollute to the mass market, in an attempt to make them mainstream and part of the everyday.

The buzzword here is Zero. Zero emission vehicles like fuel cell powered cars and all electric cars are the only way forward, said the President of the corporation. The vehicle lineup of Nissan will, in the near future can be completely environmentally neutral. The Zero emission vehicles will output no CO2 or other particulate matter. While there are a number of hybrid engines that have been proven to be highly efficient and the mainstream market has found them to be reliable in the long term, all electrics are still looked at with caution. Nissan’s strategy is to provide consumers a lineup of cars that are both all electric or fuel celled as well as reliable, attractive, fun to drive, and affordable. That is pretty much what is expected of Nissan and what they are known for.

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