Nissan’s Extra Step Toward Top Notch Safety Measures


Safe driving is all about the driver’s response to an unexpected situation. The response technology in Nissan cars assists the driver in deploying an appropriate reaction once the situation is identified by the monitoring systems.

The respond systems include:

  • Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC): Electronic stability Program also defines VDC, which is a computer controlled system that primarily increases the stability of a vehicle by identifying and subsiding traction loss. When the vehicle begins to skid, brakes are applied automatically to steer back the car in the direction the driver was originally on. Brakes are targeted to each tire depending on the need. In a situation of over steer, brakes are employed directed at the outer wheel in the front and onto the inner wheel during understeer. In a few cases, VDC can also regulate the engine output to cut down speed. This technology is identified as the sole reason in reducing the number of fatal accident in the US by one third.
  • Traction control System (TCS): In most cases, TCS is a secondary unit of VDC, but in Nissan Cars it works independently of the same. The mode of action of TCS is to reduce traction when the car loses control. There are interventions that the TCS system deploys during such cases which may be in the form of application of brakes on targeted tires, cutting fuel supply to the cylinders, activating the boost control solenoid and ceasing throttle.

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