Nissan’s ECO Drive Support Service

The ECO Drive Support Service by Nissan provides the relevant information to support fuel efficient driving done by drivers. It is expected that individual drivers can contribute to the effort. To do this, they must change their driving habits. Each driver could contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

The information needed to do the tasks are uploaded from the on-board unit. The trend as per the fuel economy and the ranking of the eco-driving along with tips for such eco-driving are first generated and then then offered on the customized website. The driver can quickly and easily confirm all information through the information system via the Telematics Agent. The website can also be used for the purpose.

The Telematics Agent service retrieves the information from internet. These includes POI search results, RSS contents and also the ECO driving information. Such an information is presented on vehicle navigation system. The latter is user friendly.

When driving experiments are done using the prototype system, a 24 percent improvement in the fuel economy is observed.  The overall improvement comes in the range of 7.7 percent.  Experimental results have revealed that the yearly fuel consumption could be expected to reduce by 45 gallons if the driving conditions are average. The list of related technologies include smart rev control, around view monitor, heat pump cabin heater and the thermal insulation roof.

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