Nissan’s 40kg 400HP Engine

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In a recent announcement Nissan has shocked automotive world introducing a 400HP engine that weights a scant 40kg (88lbs).

Named the DIG-T R, the 3 cylinder 1.5 liter engine has a power to weight ratio of 10HP per kilo, besting even high performance Formula 1 engines. Carried aboard Nissan’s Zero Emmision ZEOD the 500mm tall, 400mm long, and 200mm wide (19.68 x 15.74 x 7.78 in) package is one of the most compact performance engines every built and follows Nissan’s new design goal of reducing size and weight to achieve greater performance.

Although the DIG-T R’s performance numbers are compelling the car also features a custom crafted lubricant blend which reduces engine friction and maximizes the machine’s performance.

While the DIG-T R powered ZEOD will be on the track at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans it’ll only be acting as a new technology demonstrator. Nissan expects it ZEOD to join in on the competition during the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship season where it will become the only racer to sport a 3 cylinder engine.


With performance numbers that’ll make a race fan’s heart palpitate I wouldn’t be surprised in the DIG-T R become the first 3 cylinder to win a World Endurance Championship race.

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