Nissan Rolls Out New Autonomous Car For Testing

Cardinale Nissan 2_SelfDrivingCar1

Self-driving cars are the way of the future. Numerous studies and many experts all agree that soon we won’t have to drive ourselves to work each morning. Now you can enjoy your coffee and music in comfort as the car adapts to the road and other drivers on its own. But how soon will these cars be available? Surprisingly, Nissan has already developed an autonomous car that will be out for testing in Japan in the coming year, named the #ProPILOT.


While an autonomous car still needs a small amount of user input, it’s the nearest thing on the market right now to a true self-driving car. The Nissan ProPILOT is a small car that was designed to navigate on highways in single lane traffic. The system is made up of a number of cameras and sensors that monitor how the cars in front and behind are adjusting speed. It’s easy to turn on and off with a simple switch and will help ease the stress of gridlock highway traffic.


Interestingly, the ProPILOT technology is already in testing right now, but in a form that you may not expect: chairs. You might have seen a short video with some chairs that move on their own and transport people as they wait in line (if not just look up Nissan Autonomous Chairs). These chairs are designed from the same technology and can automatically follow the chairs in front of them at a programmed distance. This can make waiting in line easier and much more comfortable.


Nissan works hard to create the most advanced technology every year, and you can expect the same standard on all the current models. So come test drive a new Nissan Altima or Leaf for yourself at Cardinale Nissan, or check out all of our vehicles online at






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