Nissan Rocks The Hannover Motor Show With A New Truck

NIssan frontier

With the 2017 model year vehicles heading out to dealerships, it’s never too early to look at what 2018 may have in store. At least, that’s what convention-goers of the 2016 Hannover Motor show should have on their mind, as Nissan unveiled a new concept truck named the Navara EnGuard. The truck has a unique look that suits its off-road design, and is anticipated to be its own car or a preview of the #2018NissanFrontier redesign.


The EnGuard appears to be in the same design family as the Frontier, but also draws on the Double Cab design of the Nissan Navara, a truck currently only offered in Europe. This truck is the ideal model to base a Frontier remodel from, considering it holds the current title of International Pick-up Award. The latest Navara has a 2.3-liter 187 hp twin-turbo diesel engine to haul even the heaviest loads, while still managing off-road terrain.

Nissan Frontier 3

The EnGuard model has a host of improvements from the Navara that would further enhance its off-road capabilities. The base of the truck has been lifted in order to provide improved clearance when navigating uneven areas, and the wheel arches have bespoke overfenders and side steps between them. The roof also has also risen, and the interior sports a navigation system and dual-zone climate control. Lastly, a 360-degree camera provides a bird’s eye view of the surroundings to avoid the need to exit the car to view nearby obstacles.


Look for this new development to hit dealerships late next year, and for now check out the 2017 Frontier at Cardinale Nissan. We can help you find a vehicle to best suit your needs and wants. To view our entire inventory, visit






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