Nissan Gripz – The Concept That Can Be Part II


Going by the features of the Nissan Gripz Concept it can be said that the car has a dual personality. The exterior of the concept car has a lot to offer. It looks quite trendy and aggressive.

The hood draws heavily from the 1970-1978 family of Datsun 240Z Nissan sports cars. It blends into the V-motion grille. Rectangular lamps with high and low beams are found on either side of the grille. These lamps have forward facing cameras in them. One end of the boomerang shaped headlights rests on the hood and the other end finishes into the fender.

The front section, for example the fenders and the bumper, seems to be made from a single panel. There are no specific ending of one and the beginning of the other. They blend in together seamlessly. The panel extends all the way to the A-pillars. The concept has 3 spoke 22 inch wheels custom made by Bridgestone.

The presence of scissor doors in the front and suicide doors in the rear do look a bit strange when they are open. But these do away with the need for a B-pillar. It makes getting in and out of the car a lot easier. The floating roof gives the car a somewhat coupe-like body styling.

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