Nissan Finds Innovative Uses For Electric Car Batteries


Electric cars seem to be all the buzz these days. Every company is racing to develop the most efficient and longest lasting battery that still can move the car on the highway. This is great if you want a sedan or small SUV, but they won’t cut it for bigger vehicles like pickups. They simply don’t provide the torque or off-road power required to get the job done. That’s not to say they can’t be integrated somewhere in truck design though, and Nissan has been researching some interesting ways to make use of these powerful batteries.


At the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles show, Nissan proudly displayed some innovative uses for these high capacity and lightweight charge packs. The rear of a truck bed can be fitted with a pair of portable battery packs that have a large capacity and are recharged by the engine. Each one features a set of lithium-ion battery cells that can power two 220-volt AC sockets and three USB ports.


The batteries are best thought as a more powerful portable generator for the dedicated outdoorsman or laborer. They can energize power tools and other electronics, giving workers an easily accessible source of electricity. It is extremely beneficial for groups like rescue teams that need power for communications equipment deep in extreme environments. In addition, the batteries are much safer than normal portable generators because they don’t need any flammable liquids that produce dangerous fumes.


Look for these packs to show up soon in pickups like the #NissanTitan, and head on down to Cardinale Nissan for a great deal on any of our trucks or other models. You can also always sift through our wide inventory online at






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