The New Leaf Adds More Efficiency And Charging Speed

Nissan leaf 3

With Chevy having unveiled the specs for their new Bolt and Tesla and continuing to pump out improvements, many have been speculating when Nissan would announce the changes to their electric car, the Leaf. Well, wonder no further. With the 2017 update, Nissan has broadened the mileage range and updated the charging speed with a new 30-kWh battery pack.


The #NissanLeaf was the first economic electric car available, and it has continued to evolve in efficiency, speed and reliability over its iterations. For 2017, the previous 24-kWh battery pack was expanded to a 30-kWh battery which enhances the range from around 85 miles to a powerful 107 miles. This is easily enough for most Americans’ daily needs, which is typically around 30 miles. Even when bringing around the kids to and from school and heading to work, the total distance is well within the driving range of the Leaf. And in order to help those who want to take longer road trips or vacation drives, Nissan has some exciting developments.


The latest Leaf has DC fast charging technology standard across the whole lineup, which can energize you up quickly while on the road. Additionally, many companies, including Nissan, have invested heavily into constructing new fast charging stations in cities all across the country. This way, powering back up is fast, easy and cheap, especially with Nissan’s new program which will give new Leaf owners free charging at these locations for two years. Say hello to saving money on gas and electricity!


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