Why You Need to Buy the Nissan Kicks- III

Two years after its debut in the Sao Paulo International Auto Show, the Nissan Kicks is finally gearing up to hit the market. The car set for release may not be as shiny and sleek as its prototype but is every bit impressive. To meet the initial demand, the car is set for mass manufacture in Mexico.

Drive terrain

Details of the drive terrain of the Kicks are still in the dark. The only information that is confirmed is the horse power offered on the automatic transmission based on the image released of the car. Considering that the Nissan Juke will become obsolete, there are high chances of the 188hp, 1.6L engine turbocharged engine to find a new home in the Kicks. Or, the car manufacturer can alternatively include the slightly less powerful 170hp, 2.5L engine with natural aspirations as seen in the Nissan Rogue. The larger engine may be much likely if the car is set to release in the US market.

Currently the primary sale target of the Rogue is Brazil. This could also mean that the car can be inspired by the Qashqai- 1.6 or 1.2 L fuel or 1.6 and 1.5L diesel engine. The actual information is set to release closer to the release date.

The pricing of the car is another unknown at this point. Considering that the Kicks is a replacement to the Juke, the estimated pricing is around $20,000 range.

Once released, the Kicks will be available at Cardinale Nissan.




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