Let Cardinale Nissan Help Make Your Service Schedule More Efficient

Keeping up with all the time and mileage service recommendations can be difficult, especially if you attempt to tackle each one at a time. While setting reminders on your phone or calendar can be helpful, ultimately all the trips to your local service station will end up costing you more time and money. Cardinale Nissan is here to help you manage your Nissan’s service deadlines, and by combining mileage deadlines under two categories, your car will continue running smoothly and efficiently. Come down to your local Monterey car dealership to learn more about bundling your service stops.

Oil and Fluids

Your Nissan Altima relies on several fluids to maintain temperature and lubrication, and the oil needs to be serviced most often. Without properly changing your oil, it will be far less effective and can cause expensive damage to the engine. Your other fluids are almost as important, so have our service technicians check their levels and refill them as necessary at each oil change. This is also the perfect opportunity to have your air filter replaced if too much dirt has accumulated.

Brakes And Tires

Every vehicle relies on the tires and brake pads to move the car and eventually bring it to a stop, and a malfunction in either can impact your driving experience. Just by driving to and from work or school each day, the pads and tire wear down and become less effective. If you notice any issues with your brakes or a reduced fuel efficiency, bring your Nissan in to have these two components examined.

With the help of our service experts at Cardinale Nissan, you can extend the life of your car and ensure it is ready to tackle any challenge. You can even schedule an appointment ahead of time on our website to beat the wait.

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