The Future Of Driving Is Just Around The Corner With Nissan

Nissan NIssan

When it comes to designing new features for drivers and developing the latest high tech models, Nissan is always pushing the limits. Trucks like the Nissan Titan have the easiest to work with and most responsive towing systems, and sedans like the Nissan Altima dominate the class due to their design and utility. At the annual Paris Auto Show, CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn unveiled the secrets to the future of Nissan cars, and left the audience in wonder and excitement.


The latest development is Nissan’s partnership with Microsoft, which had been previously announced but was expanded on by Ghosn. He added that the duo would be hard at work to better integrate vehicle software and compatibility across all models. While automakers do not necessarily have experts in vehicle software, Microsoft engineers can help to improve the user interface and make driving simpler and seamless. This partnership has already shown promise with the introduction of better smartphone connectivity in the latest 2017 Nissan cars.


The second major talking point was the production of self-driving cars, which Nissan has already had success with in Japan through their ProPilot. Though this vehicle is only partially autonomous, Ghoson mentioned that Nissan plans to release at least 10 different partially self-driving cars by 2020, even if they do require minimal driver input. He expects a fully driverless car will be on the market by 2025. He also argued that the car will still remain a personalized space for every owner, even with this automated implementation.


Though self-driving cars won’t be available for another few years, you can be sure the whole Nissan fleet has the latest features and most useful technology. Come test drive any of the new line-up at Cardinale Nissan, or check us out online at





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