What to Expect from Next Year’s Nissan Micra – Part 3

Micra Nissan

This is the third and concluding part of the discussion on what can be expected from next year’s Nissan Micra and describes how its interior could look like along with the drivetrain.


Since the spy shoots did not give a precise clarification on what Micra’s interior would look like, the car’s interior remains a complete mystery as of now. The model that is currently available in the market has quite an upscale interior even though it is a mini-size economy vehicle and so there may not be many alterations in this particular department. Even its instrument cluster may remain same as the current model and feature a tiny TFT display in the center. There is a chance that the size of the infotainment screen may become slightly bigger than before but nothing outrageous.

There are some speculations that the basic design will continue to be same inside i.e. to the point, as well as, functional and have a basic console in the center and most of its controls will be integrated in the center stack. Nissan may deploy better quality materials in its interior so that it does not look cheap.


Even the options for drivetrain remain a total suspense as of now. However, some experts feel that the all-new Nissan Micra may be powered with gasoline and 3- and 4- cylinder engines. As far as it existing model is concerned, only a 1.2-liter engine is available in two flavors. The base option offers a horsepower of 78 while its high-end unit has 97 horsepower.

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