Why You Should Be Excited About the 2017 Nissan GT-R: Part1

Nissan 2 GT-R Sedan varianta

The current generation of the GT-R made its debut in 2007. The current way manufacturers deal with their cars is to keep bringing out redeveloped models of a particular car until they produce a new successor. Is that what Nissan did with the GT-R? No. The new 2017 model has been designed as though it is an entirely new make altogether!

Soon to be added to Nissan’s NISMO (Nissan Motorsports) family, the GT-R comes with a number of tweaks and changes which conspire wonderfully well to transform it into something unseen before! The new GT-R has a more aggressive appearance with its front and rear bumpers redesigned with more creases and cuts. This improvement equips the machine with an ability to dominate the roads with its imposing appearance.

The front has been given a facelift with the nose now fitted with the company’s signature V-shape. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this feature has never looked better on any other of Nissan’s models. You would think it was designed specially for the 2017 GT-R- a perfect match!

The car’s engine cooling system has been improved upon by the better designed Air -intakes. These new air-intakes have been specially streamlined to cool down the powerful engines better. This ensures better engine performance and efficiency. A cool brain in a cool body is all you need for an awesome day.

Move on to subsequent parts to know more about this amazing machine.

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