Check Out These Monterey Farmer’s Markets For Community Food And Fun

Fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients are the foundation of any good meal, and one of the best places to find high quality food is at a Monterey farmer’s market. The county holds a different farmer’s market on every day of the week, so you can find fresh food no matter when you go shopping. Local vendors and community members from all around gather to talk and trade, and you will meet many smiling faces and people ready to serve you, just like at Cardinale Nissan. From our Monterey car dealership, here are some of our favorite weekly markets to attend.

Marina Everyone’s Harvest Certified Farmer’s Market

Held every Sunday down at 215 Reservation Road, this farmer’s market not only offers a wide selection of foods, but also holds various demos and exhibitions. You can learn to cook new and tasty dishes from chefs around the county, and their latest features have included a Cosmic Cucumber Wrap and a Fruit Kale Salad. They find unique and interesting ways to cook in-season produce, and they often have kid’s areas for them to enjoy while you tackle the shopping.

Old Monterey Marketplace

Monterey county has earned the nickname “Salad Bowl of the World,” and one of the best places to find fresh fruits and vegetables for your salad is the Old Monterey Marketplace. The produce vendors come from all over California to sell ripe peaches and sweet blackberries, many of which are Organic Certified. For a full and ready to eat meal, the market hosts many food vendors which serve many international delicacies and fresh pastries. Kids will love the arts and crafts vendors who sell antiques and homemade treasures, so bring the whole family down on Tuesday for a night of fun.

Visit Our Community At Cardinale Nissan

At Cardinale Nissan, we are proud to be a part of the fun and friendly community that makes these events possible. Whether you are looking for a new or used car such as the Nissan Altima or just need car service, head over to today.

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