Buy a New Nissan Leaf From Cardinale Nissan And Take Advantage Of Free Charging

All around the world, electric car sales continue to grow and more charging stations are being established in order to accommodate them. While an internal combustion engine needs gas stations to provide fuel, these new stations simply provide an alternative for drivers and can help make longer trips possible. Big names like Tesla, BMW and Nissan have recently developed fast charging technologies and expanded the infrastructure needed for these charging stations. With any new Nissan Leaf purchase at Cardinale Nissan in Monterey, you gain access to these stations thanks to the No Charge To Charge Program, which makes driving an electric car easier and more fun.

Useful Charging Stations

The limited range of electric cars has always been a concern for many drivers, but with the latest advances in technology you can put those doubts to rest. Initial releases of the Nissan Leaf could only go for around 100 miles without needed more power, but the latest 2018 model is estimated to easily travel over 200 miles. While this is ample enough for your workday, longer road trips were a larger concern until the introduction and development of these charging stations that you can find scatter across the United States.

No Charge To Charge

All new Nissan Leaf owners will automatically receive a two year pass into the No Charge To Charge Program. This allows you to make use of any Nissan charging station for free, and benefit from the new DC chargers. These can bring a Leaf from zero to full charge within half an hour, perfect for a refill during lunchtime or during work.

Be on the lookout for the 2018 Nissan Leaf which will be heading to Monterey car dealerships in early September. If you are looking for the best deal on new and used cars in Monterey, then Cardinale Nissan is the place to be.

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