Nissan Licensed its Around View Monitor & Moving Object Detection Tech


Nissan recently announced that it has licensed its Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection (MOD) technology, which was developed with Clarion Co., LTD, for use by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (HCM). This new technology will be a building block for autonomous driving technology for commercial Nissan vehicles. The Around View Monitor (AVM) is a parking support system that allows you to see the vehicle’s surroundings in real time using four exterior cameras. MOD is a driving assistance technology that analyzes images from the AVM cameras to detect moving objects around the vehicle and warn the driver with visual and audio alerts. The licensing agreement between Nissan and Hitachi Construction Machinery allows HCM the use of AVM and MOD technology on its massive haul trucks and hydraulic excavators working at large open-pit mines. If you would like to read the full article please click on the link below:




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